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Bipolar Disorder, Depression

New Urine Test Distinguishes Bipolar Disorder and Depression

A failure to diagnose bipolar disorder in patients who experience a major depressive period may lead to incorrect treatment and inferior consequences. Clinical and medical methods that could differentiate bipolar from unipolar depression would simplify more suitable treatment choice. Research found that bipolar depression was linked with family history of bipolar disorder, a larger previous…

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Carrie Fisher, bipolar disorder

Carrie Fisher aka “Princess Leia” and Bipolar Disorder

Carrie Fisher, who is repeating her role as the tough Princess Leia in the new episode of the Star Wars The Force Awakens, has been talking out on mental illness for more than a decade. Such an approach to one’s own mental illness is almost unheard of in Hollywood. Carrie Fisher has given straightforward testimonies…

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bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder

What is bipolar disorder? People with bipolar disorder incline to experience extreme, polar differing states of mood. They can be remarkably high, or ‘‘manic,’’ at one period, then extremely low, or ‘‘depressed,’’ at other intervals. While there is much more to Bipolar Disorder, the extreme mood swings are what people acknowledge most frequently. Bipolar disorder…

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